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Shipping is $65 Flat Rate for U.S. Customers. I ship my animals through 'Redline Shipping' to 48 states (excluding Alaska, Hawaii). 

Shipping is ALWAYS Overnight to YOUR FedEx Hub location, where it will be held at your location until you are able to pick it up. I offer the option for you to choose Residential Delivery, however, if you decided to choose this option, Live Arrival and Health guarantees will be voided.


I reserve the right to postpone shipment at my discretion if weather is a factor. Weather from origin to destination and all hub stops in-between are to ensure the health and safety of your gecko.


I will ship if temperatures are in the range of 40-90 degrees. Temperatures above 80 degrees I will usually ship with a Phase22/CryoPak, to regulate the temperature to ensure the safety of the gecko. I will hold until shipping weather is safe, but NO refunds will be issued if you are impatient to receive your gecko.

Shipment Days (subject to change):
Monday for Tuesday arrival

Tuesday for Wednesday arrival

Wednesday for Thursday arrival

If you have any questions about shipping, please feel free to contact me directly.


Buyers must arrange their own reptile exporter. YOU are responsible for choosing your exporter. Once your purchase is made and the payment is completed, the gecko is then shipped to YOUR exporter. From this point on ALL guarantees are void, it is your exporter’s liability and responsibility to care and transport your gecko in healthy condition - NOT mine. It is your responsibility to contact and communicate with your exporter to have your gecko arrive safely to your destination.

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